At sunrise, January 15th 2016, ‘Tiny Fingers’ had begun playing its latest album “The Fall”
fully and continuously, over the northern shores of the Dead Sea.
The one hour long film brings together the unique performance of the live music with a documentation of nature cinematography capturing the multitude of views, shades and landscapes surrounding the ever changing region.
The film begins in complete darkness and accompanies the band and nature from early twilight up to the moment
when the first ray of light touches the soil of the lowest place on Earth.

Incorporating the Album’s instrumental music with one of the most unique and dynamic locations on the surface of the planet,
had given birth to a one of a kind film that carries the viewer through a journey of sounds, colors and the elements of nature itself.
The rise of the sun, occurring in real-time throughout the movie is the ultimate conductor over the band,
the musical development and over the abundant of spectacular landscapes.

“Tiny Fingers” has been active for the past decade and is considered a breakthrough in the alternative music scene.
In recent years the band has released several albums and have conducted hundreds of concerts world-wide.
The production of the film is completely independent and was made with no funding or support,
making it an uncompromising authentic artistic creation.
The soundtrack of the film is the live performance recorded with complete studio gear brought especially
to the sea together with the rest of the musical and filming equipment.
The diverse documentation of nature including scenic cinematography, aviation and terrain close-ups
reaching to the abyss of the Dead Sea, sheds a new light on an ancient place that is considered unique and highly significant
geographically, historically, spiritually, culturally and ecologically.

“The Fall – Live at the Dead Sea” is a one-time dialogue formed between a musical piece and nature,
between the personal and universal as those encounter in perfect harmony at sunrise.